Consumer Practice

Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

It is possible to represent yourself in a bankruptcy proceeding - at least a Chapter 7 one, which involves liquidation of your assets. But, in most cases, it’s far wiser to be represented by a skilled bankruptcy attorney. That way, you’ll be sure to keep more of your assets and discharge more of your debt.

Here are some guidelines for choosing a bankruptcy attorney, including reasons why you should consider a Seattle bankruptcy attorney at The Tracy Law Group PLLC:

  • Look for an attorney that understands consumer bankruptcy law. The Tracy Law Group PLLC, located in downtown Seattle, was founded to provide legal services solely for consumer bankruptcies. Each attorney in our firm is a seasoned Seattle bankruptcy attorney providing quality services in Seattle and throughout the Puget Sound area
  • Look for an attorney that is experienced. Each Seattle bankruptcy attorney at The Tracy Law Group PLLC has practiced bankruptcy law, including consumer bankruptcy law, for many years. Consequently, when you’re represented by us you have an experienced bankruptcy practitioner on your side.
  • Look for an attorney with the best possible skill set. Because each Seattle bankruptcy attorney at The Tracy Law Group PLLC focuses primarily on bankruptcy cases, each brings a bigger legal “toolkit” to your individual case. Consequently, when your’re represented by us you can be assured of an excellent result.
  • Look for an attorney that’s not part of a bankruptcy “mill”. Many bankruptcy attorneys try to attract clients through low fees. Often these attorneys operate “mills,” designed to process as many bankruptcies as possible by treating clients’ financial problems all the same. That’s not The Tracy Law Group PLLC approach. We don’t compete on price. Instead, we compete on quality. For each client, one of our bankruptcy attorneys reviews the client’s individual financial and legal situation and designs the most appropriate action plan.

Follow the guidelines above, and you’ll find a highly qualified Seattle bankruptcy attorney. And when you do, we are confident that you will choose The Tracy Law Group PLLC to help you with your bankruptcy. Contact us today, and start on the road to financial recovery.