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Dealing With Reluctance to File for Bankruptcy

Like many people, you may be reluctant to file for bankruptcy even though a Washington bankruptcy lawyer has advised you that bankruptcy is the best - maybe the only—solution to your financial problems. Your resistance is understandable

You may feel embarrassed - you should be in control of your finances, but you’re not. And there’s a certain stigma attached to bankruptcy, whether you go through the process yourself or are represented by a Washington bankruptcy lawyer. The filing is a public admission that you are unable to pay your debts. Bankruptcy also carries with it several unpleasant consequences, including the following:

  • For 10 years, the bankruptcy will be reflected on your credit report (and there’s nothing a Washington bankruptcy lawyer can do to change that).
  • You can obtain credit after bankruptcy, but it will cost you more.
  • Though it’s highly unlikely you’ll be fired from a job because you declare bankruptcy, there are some jobs and licenses you can’t obtain because of bankruptcy. For example, some professions - stock broker is one—don’t allow a bankrupt to be employed in certain positions. These positions usually involve trust and money. (If you’re considering bankruptcy, a Washington bankruptcy lawyer can advise you about bankruptcy’s impact on your employment.)
  • There are restrictions on how soon you can re-file for bankruptcy. For example, if you file under Chapter 7, you can’t file again under that chapter for eight years. (A Washington bankruptcy lawyer can explain these timelines to you.).
  • Bankruptcy is listed in the top five life-altering negative events, along with divorce, severe illness, disability and loss of a loved one.

While these consequences are unpleasant, there’s another side to bankruptcy, as a Washington bankruptcy lawyer can explain to you. The right to file for bankruptcy is in the U.S. Constitution. Underlying this right is the idea that those in financial trouble deserve the chance for a fresh start. As every Washington bankruptcy lawyer is aware, some people abuse the bankruptcy system. However, the vast majority of people, whether they represent themselves or hire a Washington bankruptcy lawyer, have a legitimate reason for choosing bankruptcy. And often, as every Washington bankruptcy knows, those reasons are divorce and medical expenses.

It often helps to discuss feelings about bankruptcy with a Washington bankruptcy lawyer. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t feel bad about filing for bankruptcy. It’s your right. Filing lets you take control of your financial life. Filing makes you feel better about your situation. Filing amounts to a commitment to fix the problem and start fresh. At Resolve Legal, we can help you assess whether bankruptcy is right for you. Find out how, and get started on the road to financial recovery.